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I am a creative and visionary individual with a wide range of knowledge in various aspects of the tourism industry and safari tours in Tanzania and throughout East Africa. The skill sets I have been applying to the travel industry for over the past 10 years include leadership and management expertise, organizational collaboration, excellent communication skills, travels throughout East Africa, Middle East and Europe, skills and experience in social work and her studies of cultural anthropology.

Through my vivacious personality and travel industry knowledge I have assembled a dynamic, hardworking and committed team of professionals who are specialists in various fields within the travel and tourism industry. Through hard work, perseverance and excellent customer service we have built Zohar African Safaris keeping customer satisfaction and well-being at the core of our business. Today, Zohar African Safaris is small boutique Safari Company that not just tracks wildlife but also takes you to away from the crowds in East Africa for an authentic bush experience, or so our customers say.

My safari travel style: Middle of the road—I tend to stay in the main camps and lodges. It suits my budget and my preference for creature comforts, such as electricity and hot water.

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