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We are a DMC based in Nairobi Kenya, founded in 2012 and one of the few tour operators who specialize in wildlife and cultural safaris. We are different from other tour operators because all our packages seek to connect the traveler with the destination by providing an authentic cultural experience which enables our customers to interact with local communities by spending a night or two with the villagers, preparing and eating local food, participating in cultural events, gathering firewood, and involving yourselves in activities such as milking of cattle and warrior training.

We also empower all our guests to be environmental conscious by practicing sustainable travel habits such as avoiding single use plastics, responsible garbage waste disposal methods and how to reduce other environmental footprints.

My safari travel style: Back-to-basics—I prefer old school camping and can pitch a mean tent. I like being off the grid and am ready to sleep under the stars. I don’t mind helping set-up or cook dinner. I’m the original safari enthusiast!

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